Bernas Nirwana Sdn. Bhd has been awarded a contract with United Plantations for harvesting palm oil fruits.  

Our job scope includes:-

  • Cutting of palm tree fronds should it be obscuring the palm fruit bunches.
  • Harvesting/ cutting of palm fruit bunches.
  • Arranging of palm fronds cut neatly.
  • To collect all cut palm fruit bunches and loose fruits and place them on a plastic or gunny sack ensuring the fruits are not soiled at the side of the main road.
  • Collecting and loading of all loose fruits and palm fruit bunches already placed at the side of the main road into tractors/ trolleys provided.
  • To follow the tractors/ trolleys to the gantry station where all loose palm fruits and fruit bunches will be unloaded.

We maintain a close and constructive relationship with the management of the Ulu Basir Estate of United Plantations Berhad ensuring that their high standards and protocols in terms of harvesting are met. We are currently employing Indian and Indonesian male foreign workers for the contract.

Our responsibilities towards our foreign workers include the following:

  • Payment of salary promptly
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Insurance policy

Proper record keeping 



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