Bernas Nirwana Sdn. Bhd was established solely for the management and supply of labour, be it foreign or local. This company carries with it over 22 years of experience in the respected field. Reason being, it has very experienced employees and the support it receives from Yukta Sdn. Bhd. 

Bernas Nirwana has been around for the past 22 years. It started humbly with 10 employees and have been growing from strength to strength ever since. Today, they boast a workforce of approximately 400 personnel with diversified activities.

Bernas Nirwana prides itself with its undying commitment to please its clients. A proof to this statement would be the fact that they have been providing services to some of their clients for more than a decade.

At Bernas Nirwana, our mission isTo Provide You Professional Service Of The Highest Quality By Thoroughly Understanding And Catering To Your Requirements, Hence Achieving Maximum Satisfaction In Every Aspect Of The Management And Supply Of Labour”.

We are confident it is achievable, because we make sure that:-

  • Work is done with utmost honesty
  • Unwavering commitment is given
  • Customers needs are attended to immediately
  • Professionalism is maintained in whatever done
  • Service is given in the highest order of quality
  • Excellence is achieved in any job undertaken
  • We are economically sensitive towards changes and development

We have been providing this service for the last 16 years. 

The supply of labour would depend on the customer’s requirements.

Whether we station a supervisor or not, their performance will always be monitored. 

Currently we have approximately 500 personals that are skilled or semi-skilled for this cause.

All of our foreign workers are with proper travel documents.  

Our labour consists of:  

Local Male & Female Workers:

  • Malaysian

Foreign Workers From:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Calcutta
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia


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